Originally posted on Weekly World News:

A Colgate College historian has identified a faded, fourth-century scrap of papyrus he calls “Jesus’s Wife’s Diary.” One line of the torn fragment of text purportedly reads: “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife is beautiful.'”

The finding was announced to the public by Jenny Bracken a historian of early Christianity, author of several books about new Gospel discoveries and the Hollis professor of divinity at Colgate Divinity School. Bracken  first examined the privately owned fragment in 2011, and has since been studying it with the help of a small group of scholars.

The parchment also described Jesus’s wife and… after artists made a drawing of the woman as described, the wife looked exactly like Oprah Winfrey.  “They could be twins,”  Bracken said.

According to the Buffalo Tribune, Bracken and her collaborators have concluded that the business card-size fragment is not a forgery, and she is presenting the discovery today at…

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