Scandal’s Back: Now What?

Originally posted on Black America Web:

Scandalites rejoice! “Scandal” is back on tonight at 10 p.m. and with all the goings on at Pope and Associates, it’s sure to be a doozy. This episode, mysteriously titled ‘Seven Fifty Two” is supposed to answer a lot of questions. Huck’s past will be explored now that he’s returned to OPA after being locked in a box in a storage facility. Olivia, of course is in the hospital after being knocked in the head by her new lover, Jake, who has a secret agenda of his own. Oh, and the President has left the White House, to check on his boo in the hospital, but according to the trailer when Olivia finds out she’s been spying on him, things don’t go so well with the reconciliation.

Here’s what we do know about tonight – there will be a new guest star – Jasika Nicole of “Fringe” fame. However we have…

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