Obama’s ‘Pastor-in-Chief’ Protects the President’s Soul

Originally posted on Black America Web:

Dear Lord, every time my enemy fires a curse, help me to fire a blessing. Let me respond always in grace, and thereby overcome. Amen.

When Joshua DuBois first sat in the White House after America elected its first black Commander-in-Chief, he noticed that President Barack Obama was surrounded by a team of advisors.

“The president has political advisors, domestic policy advisors; lots of advisors,” DuBois told me this week. “But I wondered who was thinking about his soul.”

DuBois, 31,Obama’s longtime spiritual advisor, has channeled this powerful reflection into an insightful and poignant book called “The President’s Devotional: The Daily Readings That Inspired President Obama.”

The book consists of 365 selected devotionals that DuBois sent to Obama every day, dating back to 2008. DuBois also includes essays about his personal experiences at the White House and also provides a rare glimpse of how the president’s faith shapes his life…

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